PAYMENT METHODS: Vaypor designs only requires a minimum of $200 deposit for large orders of about 20 pieces ($50 to $100 for small orders) to get the artwork/invoice started (there is no charge for artwork if you do not exceed your FREE artwork hours). Once artwork is approved we will require at least 40% of the total cost of the order to go to production. Estimated manufacturing time will begin only after art is approved and production deposit (minimum 40%) has been received. Final payment or balance is required before delivery unless a C.O.D. is requested (add $16 for C.O.D.) ONLY Guaranteed funds are accepted for C.O.D. (cashiers check/money order/officail bank check). Allow up to 5 days for shipping on all FREE SHIPPING orders. We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, Amex, personal checks, business checks or official bank checks.

DELIVERY TIME: Estimated manufacturing time will begin only after jersey design approval and production deposit (minimum 40%) has been received. Vaypor designs is committed to expedite all orders in a timely manner but no delivery date is guaranteed on standard orders as manufacturing times may vary throughout the year. Delivery dates are NOT guaranteed without a guaranteed rush fee. For the best Service, Artwork, and Design it is always advisable to start as soon as possible to allow plenty of time to process your order.

FREE SET-UP: Is valid only on STANDARD PRICE orders and may NOT be valid with any discounted names or discounted jerseys. FREE SET-UP is limited to 1 jersey color combination only. FREE SET-UP is for same front and back print (back print may be slightly modified). A set up fee of between $25 and up to $95 may apply for a different back print, different color combination, or special request such as co-sponsor add/removal on a partial order or any such modification that is not present on the entire order. The set-up fee will vary and depends on how elaborate the changes may be to the second set-up. FREE SET-UP is valid only on re-orders with NO modifications other than the rider name change. Re-orders with modifications to the original  FREE SET-UP or modifications to a previous SET-UP may incur a charge of  between $25 and $95.

FREE ART: Is valid only on the initial STANDARD PRICE orders and may NOT be valid with any discounted NAMES or discounted JERSEYS. FREE ART is limited by the number of jerseys in your order and excess art will be billed at $50 per hour. Call for price/quantity breakdown for the maximum allotted FREE art hours for your initial jersey order.

FREE SHIPPING: : Is valid only on STANDARD PRICE orders and may NOT be valid with any discounted NAMES or discounted JERSEY ORDERS.  FREE SHIPPING will be sent out UPS or FEDEX or USPS standard shipping. Please allow up to 5 days for shipment to arrive. Upgrades to overnight, 2 day air, 3 day air cost extra. If you are shipping your jersey order to a residence a nominal shipping fee of $6 may be included for "SIGNATURE REQUIRED" service. It is recommended you choose the "SIGNATURE REQUIRED" option or INSURE the jerseys as Vaypor Designs is NOT responsible for lost, damaged or stolen jerseys left at a residence. There is no "signature required" service fee for business addresses.  INSURANCE is available upon request and will be added to the bill. Vaypor Designs will pay for 1 FREE SHIPPING on each standard priced orders. Any orders split into several portions do not qualify for free shipping on subsequent partial orders.

REQUEST FOR SPECIFIC DUE DATE: Any request for a jersey order delivery on a specific date sooner than the estimated production time will be considered a rush order and may void your 1 year guarantee on material and manufacturing should we meet that specified delivery date without a Guaranteed Rush Fee. 1 year guarantee on materials and craftsmanship will be preserved on rush orders only if a GUARANTEED RUSH FEE is applied and paid for. There is NO GUARANTEE on delivery date for any jersey orders without a GUARANTEE RUSH FEE charge. GUARANTEE RUSH FEE charges will vary according to the quantity of jerseys ordered and the time constraints.

GUARANTEED RUSH ORDERS:  Rush fee of 10-20% will apply or a minimum of $50 whichever is greater to all GUARANTEED RUSH ORDERS. Guaranteed Rush Fee jerseys orders will be prioritized to job #1 and a completion time will be given at the time of art approval / minimum 50% deposit. Jerseys are GUARANTEED to be done by the due date given or the RUSH FEE will be waived or returned. Customer is still responsible for the cost of the actual jerseys/names/other services in the event the RUSH FEE is waived or returned due to a missed deadline by Vaypor Designs. Customer is required to have all art, designs, names, sizes, quantities approved immediately after the RUSH FEE request in order to guarantee completion date. After approval NO changes may be made to the order or the GUARANTEE due date will be void or moved back. If changes are made after an approval the customer may still be responsible for the cost of the RUSH FEE and all labor/materials/jerseys made prior to the requested changes. Customer is responsible for upgrades in shipping (including overnight or rush shipping charges) if it is necessary to meet the guaranteed delivery deadline. GUARANTEED RUSH ORDERS are still backed by our 1 year guarantee on materials and manufacturing. CUSTOMER MUST have the entire order paid in full ahead prior to shipping to guarantee delivery date. 

1 YEAR PRICE LOCK GUARANTEE: Order at least 1 jersey and you will pay the original per piece price for up to 1 year from the date of the original order. (shipping charge additional) If any subsequent orders are larger than the original order, the PRICE LOCK GUARANTEE will reset to the largest order (the lower price break) and be valid 1 year from time the largest order is placed. Price Lock Guarantee applies to small re-orders of 1 or more jerseys. In some cases a DISCOUNTED JERSEY PRICE is not subject to the PRICE LOCK GUARANTEE and will be billed at the STANDARD PRICING on the following orders. All prices and guarantees, are subject to change without notice.

1 YEAR GUARANTEE on material and manufacturing: Vaypor Designs, at our discretion, will replace or repair any damaged jerseys due to faulty material or manufacturing up to 1 year from the date of purchase. Damage that is NOT covered is: wear and tear due to rubbing, snags, or chaffing of material against rough surfaces such as velcro, race pants, helmets, gloves, armor worn over the jersey, snags due to sharp bicycle parts, rider crashes, bleach, improper care while washing or any other action that will compromise the material and construction of the jersey.

Any questions please contact us at:

Vaypor Designs
210 Suite B, 30th Street
Newport Beach, CA 92663


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